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Course 02: Land Mapping and Planning

Hello everyone, welcome to XAG Academy to receive your one-handed control skills. There are several ways to survey and map, today we will talk about a simple and practical mapping method - one-handed control mapping.

Chapter 1: One-handed control detailed operation steps

In order to ensure that the signal is good during one-handed surveying and mapping, we need to raise the one-handed control above the head to ensure normal communication and hold the one handed control to the plot to carry out spot mapping of the plot boundary, obstacles, and spray free areas in turn.

Bind one-hand operation process:

1. Long press the power button at the bottom of the one-handed control for 2 seconds, all indicators flash green, and press and hold again for 2 seconds to turn on/off;

2. When powered on, make sure that the power signal light and equipment connection signal light are green and solid.

Note: If the device connection signal light is not on, it means that the one-hand control data is not normal on the Internet, resulting in the device being offline, you can follow the steps below:

1. Move the device to the position of the signal point as the take-off point;

2. If the SIM card is damaged, it needs to be replaced;

3. If the operator's signal is not good, you need to replace the SIM card of another

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (21)
1. Turn off the one-handed control, open the home page of the XAG App, click the "+" icon in the upper right corner, and click "Add Device".

2. Scan the QR code on the top of the one-handed control, or enter the serial number of the one-handed control to add the device.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (20)

3. In the shutdown state, press and hold the power button on the bottom of the one-handed control for 10 seconds, and all indicators will flash red.

4. Wait for all indicators to flash green, click "One-handed control has turned green flashing".

5. Enter the device name and click OK.


燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (23)

Connecting the base station: 

1. Insert the RTK module into the top of the one-hand control by pressing the rail.

2. Press and hold the one-handed smart mode button "∞" to enter the mapping mode.

3. Make sure the RTK status semaphore is solid green.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (22)

4. In the "XAG Agricultural Uniform" app, go to "My" --"Devices" - click on the one-handed control used

5. Click "RTK Positioning" - "RTK Base Station" to select the nearby cloud base station and make sure that the connection is normal.

6. Click "Firmware Update" to make sure all firmware is up to date.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (24)

Plot Surveying: 

1. Click the "+" icon in the upper right corner, click "New Plot", and select the mapping equipment.

2. Select the one-handed control to be mapped.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (25)

3. Move to the boundary of the plot to be marked with one hand, click the "A" button of the remote control to record the boundary point of the plot, click the "B" button to cancel the previous boundary point.

4. Click on the first point after the last point mapping is completed, and the system will automatically generate the plot.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (26)

5. Click "Boundary" to switch to obstacle mapping;

6. Select the Survey and Mapping Obstacle Mode and Polygon Mapping in the middle right position of the Surveying and Mapping interface.

Polygon Obstacle Mapping:

7. Use one-handed control to spot map 2 meters away from the obstacle, dotting clockwise/counterclockwise around the obstacle.

8. Click on the screen to automatically close after the dot is completed to complete the mapping.

Circular obstacles:

9. Use one-handed control to close to obstacles to generate circular obstacles, the diameter of which can be set on the app.

10. Click on the screen to automatically close after the dot is completed to complete the mapping.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (27)

11. Click "Boundary" to switch to obstacle mapping

12. Select "No Zone", and in the zone editing interface, use the one-handed control to mark and dot the edge of the ban zone.

13. After the plot mapping is complete, click "Finish" in the upper right corner.

14. After filling in the plot information, click "Save" the plot.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (28)

Chapter II: Precautions for Land Surveying and Mapping

In order to avoid flight accidents, we must pay attention to the marking of the
following three key plot information:

1) Plot boundaries

Mark the plot boundary for each corner of the operation area and ensure that the obstacles on the edge of the plot have been completely circled outside the plot boundary, which can avoid unmanned aircraft sending pesticides or fertilizers out of the plot during operation, resulting in unnecessary waste; It can also avoid accidental spraying of crops outside the plot and prevent the occurrence of pesticide damage.

Note: The boundary line cannot cross, and two points of the same point type cannot be
too close together.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (29)

2) Obstacles

Mark all objects that need to be bypassed during the operation of the unmanned aircraft as obstacles, and the scope of the marking should completely include obstacles (especially pay attention to the air part), and the generated operation route will automatically bypass obstacles to ensure flight safety;

3) No spray zone

The unmanned aircraft operation route can fly through, but the area without spraying or spreading is called the no-spray area, which needs to be marked to reduce the waste of pesticides or fertilizers in the operation and improve the efficiency of the operation.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (30)

Chapter 3: Obstacle Mapping Techniques

1) The correct way to play the cable of the pole

Mark the cable-stayed lines of the poles and mark the points at a safe distance of 2 drones and cable-stayed cables.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (33)

2) The correct way to hit trees

Mark trees by standing more than 2 meters from the edge of the canopy to mark points to avoid drones hitting branches when flying at high speeds.

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (31)

燃油超充故障维修流程图.pdf (32)

After introducing the dotting skills of two common obstacles, to summarize, today I understand the use of one-hand control and how to better mark plot information, so as to achieve efficient surveying and mapping, and improve the safety and efficiency of flight operations.

Finally, leave a small task: Please check the plot you are about to work on in the XAG Agricultural Service app, and make sure that the plot boundary, all obstacles, and spray ban zones are clearly marked. If you have gained something, you are also welcome to share this course with your