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  2. XAG Drone and Systems Technical Specification

XAG Drone and Systems Technical Specification

Chapter 1: UAV Components, Sections, and Systems

Chapter 2: Communication Network and Infrastructure

Chapter 3: Firmware Update or Change

Chapter 4: 4G Networking Mode

Chapter 5: Remote Controller Networking mode (RCN)

Chapter 6: LNT Networking mode

Chapter 7: Mission Preparation

Chapter 8: Field Mapping

Chapter 9: Flight Mission

Chapter 10: Field Management System

Chapter 11: Real Terra

Chapter 12: Portable RTK station (XRTK4)

Chapter 13: Power Supply

Chapter 14: Troubleshooting

Chapter 15: Service and Maintenance

Chapter 16: Remote Debugging

Chapter 17: System Failure

Chapter 18: Appendix