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Course 07: Maintenance | The smart battery is maintained frequently, and the service life is effectively delayed

In order to ensure the normal and stable discharge current and high charging efficiency, the following maintenance procedures need to be done:

The first step is to check the battery plug, if there are foreign objects or impurities, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol for wiping;

The second step is to check the battery shell and tail plug-in buckle, and if there is any damage or deformation, you need to go to the service station to replace it;
The third step is to check the battery heat dissipation holes, if there are sand and other debris, it needs to be cleaned up in time to prevent wear of the battery cell;

The fourth step is to check the battery cell, if there is a bulge or leakage, it should be sent to the service station for maintenance in time;

The fifth step, if not used for a long time, need to maintain the power between 40% - 60%, and charge and discharge every 3 months.