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Course 08: Maintenance | The fuel overcharging station is constantly maintained, and the power supply is guaranteed

As an energy supply device for unmanned aircraft, fuel overcharging stations play a vital role. Its working environment is usually relatively harsh, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. Everyone should take care of it according to the following five items.
1. Clean the air filter regularly

Under normal circumstances, the filter needs to be cleaned every 50 hours of operation, and the area with heavy sand and dust needs to be shortened to every 20 hours. It is recommended to use a hair dryer or other items for cleaning.

2. Change the oil regularly

The oil needs to be changed for the first 20 hours of operation, and every 50 hours of subsequent operation;
The first step is to unscrew the oil screws, and after draining the waste engine oil, tighten the oil drain screws;
In the second step, unscrew the dipstick, fill 600 ml of 10-40 oil, and after completing the filling, tighten the dipstick;

3. Check the fuel system

The first step is to check the fuel line and replace it in time if there is aging or cracking.

In the second step, if the operation period ends or is not used for a long time, the fuel in the tank and pipeline needs to be drained.

The third step is to close the gasoline valve, check the fuel tank, fuel tank cap, carburetor, fuel switch, etc., if there is any damage, leakage, need to replace in time
4. Check the spark plug

Every 500 hours of operation, the spark plugs are inspected. Pull out the high pressure cap, use the sleeve to unscrew and check the spark plug, if there is an abnormal situation such as burnt black, it needs to be replaced by a professional.

5. Check the valve clearance

Every 500 hours of operation, a specialist adjusts the valve clearance.

The above are the five maintenance items of the fuel overcharging station, and each maintenance is completed, a charge is required to ensure that the charging function can be used normally.