What should I do if the temperature of the smart battery plug is too high?

When the 2021 and 2022 XAG agricultural unmanned aircraft are performing route operations, if the "XAG Agricultural Service" App interface prompts "the temperature of the smart battery plug is too high" and the smart battery status indicator flashes red three times, it means that there is no one. If the drone detects that the temperature of the smart battery plug is too high, the drone will automatically return to flight.
You can refer to the following steps to troubleshoot the reason why the smart battery returns to high temperature.

1. Check the battery plug

If the battery plug has a large gap or is burned black, please replace the battery plug immediately.

2. Check the tail plug of the drone

If there are drug stains, verdigris, or burnt black on the metal plate of the tail plug, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe it; if there is serious ignition, which causes the metal plate of the tail plug to deform, please replace the tail plug immediately.
Check if there are any screw protrusions on the tail plug of the drone, if so, use a grinder to smooth it out or replace the screws ( M3*14 ).
If no obvious abnormalities are found on the surface of the tail plug of the UAV, it is necessary to disassemble the tail plug of the UAV to check whether the power cord is damaged and whether the screws are fastened.

3. Check the battery rail

If the battery guide rail is damaged or missing , replace it in time.
If the rubber pad of the battery guide rail is damaged or dented , replace it in time.
⚠️Note :
Applying engine oil, butter or vaseline on the battery rails of the 2021 drone can effectively improve the dryness and difficulty of plugging and unplugging the battery.
                                                                                                                                        (2021 model)
                                                                                                                                      (2022 model)

4. Check the tail of the material box ( 2021 model)

When there is accumulated manure or other foreign matter at the end of the intelligent material box, it needs to be cleaned up in time. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the normal installation of the battery.

5. Check the power line

Check the power circuit to ensure that the screws are not loose;
Check that there is no bad contact between the ports of the tail plug, the center compartment and the ESC input line.


6. Pre-flight inspection

 Every time before the unmanned aircraft takes off, it is necessary to check and make sure that the battery has been plugged in firmly.

During the high-Temperature Operation Period, The High Temperature Phenomeenon of the Smart Battery Plug is Prone to Occur. ICLE, so that everything can tryshoot the fault as possible when enCountering the Above Situation!