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2023 XAG Agriculture Drone Training Course

Section 01: Pre-flight Preparation

Course 01: Pre-flight inspection| What inspections do drones need to perform before each operation

Course 02: Land Mapping and Planning | How do I use the one-hand control to circle the work range

Section 02: Practical Flight Operation

Course 03: Plant Protection Operations |Unmanned aircraft for spraying, how should the parameters be set

Course 04: Plant Protection Operations | Unmanned aircraft for seeding, how should the parameters be set

Course 05: Plant Protection Operations | How are emergencies handled in flight operations

Section 03: Maintenance

Course 06: Maintenance | Regular maintenance of agricultural unmanned aircraft to detect potential safety hazards in advance

Course 07: Maintenance | The smart battery is maintained frequently, and the service life is effectively delayed

Course 08: Maintenance | The fuel overcharging station is constantly maintained, and the power supply is guaranteed

Section 04: Two-hand control

Course 09: Two-hand control | Introduction of the 2023 agricultural unmanned aircraft with dual hand control

Course 10: Two-hand control | The 2023 agricultural unmanned aircraft is used with dual hand control

Section 05: Charging method

Course 11:Smart Charging | 2023 model year charging equipment use

Section 06: Ruitu Surveying and Mapping

Course 12: How to use RipMap to get high-definition graphics